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Neuven Consult

About Us


At Neuven Consult, we transcend the conventional consultant-client relationship. We are more than advisors; we are partners, working collaboratively to navigate and secure Public Sector contracts. Our Bid, Audit and Training teams, boasting over 30 years of experience in compliance, enhance standards in the supply chain, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled engagement and support.

Rooted in the belief that collaboration fosters success, Neuven Consult's mission is to act as a seamless extension of its clients' teams.

What sets us apart is not only our unparalleled expertise in Bid Consultancy, Audit and Training Consultancy but also our dedication to understanding and meeting the unique needs of our clients.

Unlike other agencies, Neuven Consult was conceived as an independent entity to build upon the remarkable success and legacy of Neuven Solutions, leveraging the wealth of experience gained over 13 years in the industry.

Our journey began in 2010, when we championed compliance within Neuven's Neutral Vendor clients, ensuring their supply chains adhered to both commercial and legislative requirements. Over time, our scope expanded, and we emerged as the foremost authority on compliance in the workforce, collaborating with esteemed organisations such as Crown Commercial Services, NHS London Procurement Partnerships, The Priory Group, and NHS Scotland.

This evolution culminated in Neuven Consult becoming the go-to organisation for compliance consultancy, marking a pivotal shift in our focus towards Public Sector business and tenders.

The inception of Neuven Consult was a strategic response to the growing demand for our expertise in Bid Management. Today, our Bid Management Consultancy is a testament to our success, having facilitated the placement of 1000 businesses on Frameworks and securing millions of pounds in contracts within the UK Public Sector. Our services have continued to evolve, placing us at the forefront of Public Sector consultancy.

In essence, our ethos of 'Working Better Together,' is our driving force for consistently striving to exceed expectations and redefine the landscape of compliance consultancy in the UK.